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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Amy Winters-Voss?

Amy Winters-Voss, also known as Shyredfox, is the indie author of the urban fantasy series The Liminal Chronicles. She adores Japan and hopes to visit the incredible country with its amazing people and unique culture, again.

Textile arts are her go-to hobbies. Her favorite craft is nalbinding, an ancient yarn craft much older than knitting.

Amy and her husband adopted two wily and adorable ferrets (Pocky and Mochi) and two lovely betta fish (Finneas and Ember), after the kids grew up.

Feel free to check out her website, book series site, or her book series worldbuilding platform and get to know the characters, locations, and fun trivia. Also consider subscribing to her newsletter.

How do I contact you?

Please use the contact page.

What is Payhip?

Payhip is an online sales platform that allows small businesses to easily setup an online store with digital and physical products. It’s flexible and the rates are very reasonable. They also handle UK and EU VAT. The platform is quite popular among indie authors.

If you have more questions about Payhip, please refer to their documentation.

Is there a benefit to buying from your Payhip shop?

When you buy through this shop, you support me (an indie author) directly. We’ve essentially eliminated the middle man. There are only the small payment processor fees and for physical product printing fees. For sales on other sites (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) I get a much smaller portion of the profits.

Should you wish to purchase my books elsewhere, that’s totally ok. It’s your right. And I am grateful for your interest in my books, where ever you choose to make a purchase. For a list of stores that carry my books, please see

Unlike with other sites (cough Amazon), once you download an eBook from my shop it’s your copy. No outside party can delete it from your device.

Purchasing through this shop will give you get the satisfaction of supporting an indie author. Well done!

When is your next book coming out?

I share updates on my books, the occasional ferret and betta fish picture, along with author and self-care advice in my newsletter. If that interests you, consider subscribing.

Book Orders

How are my eBooks delivered?

BookFunnel is my eBook delivery service.

After purchasing this book, you will receive

  1. a file with a link to my BookFunnel downloads area (where you may need to enter your email to retrieve the order and download link)
  2. an email from BookFunnel with the link to your eBook.

Use which ever version you like to retrieve your eBook. Both work. You'll have your choice of various eBook formats. BookFunnel will walk you through the download process.

How are my print books delivered?

I use BookVault to print my books on demand, so shipping is through them.

Currently the automatic method to send orders from Payhip to Bookvault is messed up. (I've tested and documented the issues for Payhip and Bookvault.)

So after you order physical books from me, I'll place an order with Bookvault. Printing often takes 5-7 days. Though the US printer seems to be taking longer than the UK printer, of late.

When they ship the printed order, I'll let you know. (Tracking is not available at this time. Sorry.)

If you live in the US, BookVault US will print and ship your books. If you live anywhere else, BookVault UK will handle your printed book(s) order and shipping.

eBook download issues

BookFunnel handles all aspects of my eBook delivery and downloads. Please contact them, they have an awesome support team and will be able to help you.


Shipping costs for Printed Books

BookVault offers shipping cost estimates for their US and UK distribution services. For Payhip to connect to BookVault (I’ll spare you all the technical details), I had to pick between cheapest and fastest shipping options. I chose cheapest.

If there is demand for other methods (including ones with tracking), I'll consider adding them.

What if my country isn’t listed in the shipping options?

I have to enter the shipping (estimated in USD) for each region and country. When I set up the shop, I entered shipping for the countries from which I had the most orders.

If your country is not listed, you can:

  • use the contact page to message me with which country I should add to the shipping prices and I’ll post shipping for your country as soon as I am able. I’ll let you know when I have it listed.
  • or you may use the “worldwide” shipping option which assumes you are in a country far away from the UK (and is fairly expensive).

If you find neither of these options suitable, please visit and you’ll see listing of my books and links to various retailers that may be able to ship to you at a better price.

Returns / Refunds

eBook Refunds and Exchange Policy

I will consider a refund or exchange for eBooks that have not been downloaded from BookFunnel. Please use the contact form to request your refund or exchange. (FYI I am able to see which have been downloaded.)

If the book has been downloaded, due to the nature of digital products, I am unable to offer a refund or exchange.

Printed Book Refunds Policy

I am unable to refund for unblemished books since I don’t keep a stock of printed books.

Any issues with orders need to be raised within 12 working days of receiving the goods.

If there was a problem with your order and you’d like a refund or reprint for your printed books, please email contact (at)

I require images plus an explanation of the defect/damage and the condition of the shipping package. To aid the process, please provide as much information as possible including the order number, quantities, ISBN's, clear photos, etc.

Then I will pass on the information to BookVault to see if they can offer to reprint and send the goods again or if I should refund the order.

Right to Refuse Refunds or Exchanges

I reserve the right to refuse a refund or exchange, in particular for “requests” that are rude, abusive, or are out to take advantage of me. Most people are wonderful to work with an I will do my utmost to help you and keep you as a happy customer. But there are always a few jerks out there. No one has time or energy for that.


All of the products in my store are © 2024 Amy Winters-Voss. All rights reserved. You many not copy, reproduce, resell, or redistribute them for commercial purposes. Digital goods may not be shared. My products are for your personal use only.

(If you let a friend or two read a physical copy of my book, ok. But not eBooks, please. I’m also very ok with you checking my books out from libraries. 😉 Libraries are awesome!)


Payhip (where my store is located) collects certain details in order for you to be able to purchase items. You may read their privacy policy at

Thanks for supporting an indie author! ❤️